Factsheet: Law on waste and contaminated soils

Law on waste and contaminated soils

Key Information
Law 22/2011 legislates on waste by promoting measures to prevent generation and to mitigate adverse impacts on human health and on the environment associated with generation and handling, prioritizing waste-to-energy management. It also states that public administrations, in the framework of their own powers, must approve waste prevention programmes. The programmes need to establish prevention objectives. The measures will aim to reduce the weight of waste produced in 2020 by 10% compared with 2010. The aim of the objectives and measures is to sever the link between economic growth and its impact on human health and the environment associated with the generation of waste. So as to monitor and evaluate progress in the application of prevention measures, the competent administration will determine those instruments that make it possible to carry out periodic assessments of the progress made to date and may set specific objectives and indicators. The evaluation of prevention programmes will be carried out at least every six years and the results will be made available to the public. Economic, financial and fiscal measures may be introduced in order to promote waste prevention.
Prevention and management of waste

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