Factsheet: BEERECL


Key Information
The Bulgarian Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Credit Line (BEERECL) has been established to support industrial energy efficiency and small renewable energy projects in the private sector by using funding from the Kozloduy International Fund, which was created by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in May 2002. BEERECL provides grants of up to 20 percent of the disbursed loan principle for RES projects financed prior to 30 September 2009, and up to 15 percent grants for financing received after the latter date. However, eligible Investments in biomass should have installed capacity of less than 5 MW electric output, and Investments in biomass heat only boilers with a thermal input higher than 10 MWth are subject to EBRD approval – No restrictions for biogas plants. Administrative procedure: The administrative procedures are complex and lengthy. Investors should obtain various certificates, permissions, and licenses issued by different authorities: such as planning permission, permission for change of the purpose of the land, positive resolution on the environment impact assessment of the project, construction permit, generation license, etc.
Support energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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