Factsheet: Act on promoted energy sources

Act on promoted energy sources

Key Information
In the Czech Republic, renewable electricity generation in biomass plants up to 100 kW is supported through a feed-in tariff. Plant operators may choose between a guaranteed feed-in tariff and a green bonus paid on top of the regular electricity price achieved in the market (see also "Premium Tariff"). Every electricity producer may make this choice once a year (§ 8 par. 2 Act No. 165/2012). Responsible for the payment of the feed-in tariffs are the “mandatory purchasers” selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. At least for the years 2013 and 2014, these mandatory purchasers will be the distribution grid operators. To be able to enforce their claim for the feed-in tariff, plant operators are obliged to conclude an agreement with the grid operator. Operators of biomass power plants up to a maximum capacity of 100 kW, who hold a building permit issued before Act No. 165/2012 entered into force (2 October 2013), are eligible for support if their plant will be put into operation before 31 December 2015 (Transitional provisions No. 2 Act No. 165/2012).
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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