Factsheet: Eco-energy programme

Eco-energy programme

Key Information
The ECO-ENERGY programme (which is funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)) is part of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for investment grants or low-interest loans for projects in the field of renewable energy under calls for applications. A given project may not receive both a loan and a subsidy (number 5 ECO-ENEGY programme). The project costs subsidised by the ECO-ENERGY programme may be co-financed by other public grants. However, the total amount of grants may not exceed a certain maximum (number 7. ECO-ENERGY programme). For the support of renewable energy, CZK 500 million (approx. EUR 20 million) have been allocated. Currently, there are no open calls for renewable energy projects.
Stimulate investments in renewable energy.

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