Factsheet: Air Protection Act

Air Protection Act

Key Information
This Act sets forth the legislative framework on air protection and prevention of air pollution. These provisions establish (i) rights and obligations of persons carrying out activities likely to have adverse effects on air quality; (ii) functions of administrative authorities concerning the protection of atmospheric air against the impact of polluting substances; and (iii) conditions for reducing the amount of released polluting substances. The Act consists of 44 articles divided into nine Sections, as follows: (1) General provisions; (2) Air quality and air pollution; (3) Instruments for reducing air pollution; (4) Obligation of persons and the criteria of sustainability of biofuels; (5) Restorative measures and penalties; (6) Administrative activities concerning the protection of air; (7) Transitional measures for large combustion plants; and (8) Common, transitional and repealing provisions; (9) Entry into effect.
Regulate air protection and prevention of air pollution.