Factsheet: Grants to promote renewable electricity

Grants to promote renewable electricity

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Regulation on grants to promote the development of electric power generated from renewable energy sources. Promoting the deployment of small installations using renewable energy sources. § 1. Energinet.dk can grant subsidies to promote the diffusion of power generation units with a lower power capacity using renewable energy sources or technologies of interest for the future deployment of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES electricity), see. § 49, paragraph. 1 of the Act on the promotion of renewable energy. § 6. Funding is provided as mentioned in § 1 by a grant pool of 25 million. kr. annually in the years 2008-15 inclusive., see. § 49 paragraph. 2 of the Act on the promotion of renewable energy. Unused commitment and contribution limits for one year forward to next year.§ 7 Energinet.dk prepares a plan for the allocation of grants for installations covered by § 1 and submit the plan to the DEA. The plan must include a description of the areas included in the plan, a comprehensive assessment of the applications received in relation to the focus and a reasoned priority will be given to the awarding of grants and its size.
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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