Factsheet: Estonian Energy Policy

Estonian Energy Policy

Key Information
The energy sector is regulated by the following legislation: 1. Sustainable Development Act provides for the sustainable development of the national strategy of the natural environment and sustainable use of natural bases. 2. The Electricity Act regulates the generation, transmission, sale, export, import and transit of electricity, economic and technical management. 3.The Natural Gas Act regulates the import of natural gas, transmission, distribution and sale of activities and connection to the gas network. 4. The District Heating Act regulates heat for district heating production, distribution and sales activities related to the and connection to the district heating network. 5. The Liquid Fuel Act provides for liquid fuel excise receipts and more widely used motor fuels quality assurance. 6. Act provides for the establishment of mandatory oil stocks, maintenance and management of the bases. 7. Equipment Energy Efficiency Act regulates the efficient use of energy and other resources
- Protection and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. - Stimulate investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. - Stimulate biofuels.

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