Factsheet: Fertilisers Act

Fertilisers Act

Key Information
This Act provides for the requirements for fertilisers and the handling thereof in order to ensure that fertilisers do not pose a threat to human and animal life and health or to property or the environment and that fertilisers have a favourable effect on plants and plant products. (2) The following is excluded from the scope of this Act: 1) unprocessed organic fertilisers; 2) unprocessed natural fertilisers; 3) waste water sludge and compost made therefrom. [RT I 2008, 49, 271 – entry into force 01.01.2009] (3) [Repealed – RT I 2004, 32, 228 – entry into force 01.05.2004]. (4) This Act does not apply to the export of fertilisers from Estonia to the countries or territories outside of the customs territory of the European Union (hereinafter third country) or to a Member State of the European Union, unless otherwise provided by an international agreement.[RT I 2004, 32, 228 – entry into force 01.05.2004]
Regulate the application of fertilizers.

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