Factsheet: Guarantee of origin of electricity

Guarantee of origin of electricity

Key Information
Electricity may only be marketed as "electricity produced from renewable sources" when it has been issued guarantee of origin. In Finland, guarantees of origin are issued by the transmission system operator Fingrid. Renewable energy sources: wind power, solar power, air source heat energy, geothermal and hydrothermal energy, ocean energy, hydropower, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogas. Electricity suppliers have to disclose to their customers the production mix of electricity sold by them in the preceding year. The production mix must be disclosed in electricity bills and sales promotion material, and must be made available to electricity users. Minimum level of detail of disclosure: fossil sources of energy, and peat, renewable sources of energy, nuclear power. At the same time, electricity suppliers must disclose the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the production of electricity sold by them, and the amount of nuclear waste. In addition to total production mix, consumers can be disclosed the production mix of the electricity product purchased by them.
Guarantee of origin of renewable electricity

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