Factsheet: Emission regulation for combustion plants

Emission regulation for combustion plants

Key Information
Decree (96/2013) states limit values for sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, dust emissions and carbon monoxide for combustion plants more than 50 MW and it is based on the European LCP directive. Decree (750/2013) states limit values for emissions and requirement for plants less than 50 MW (minimum output 1 MW or 5 MW). The plant operator (< 50 MW) shall give yearly amounts and quality of used fuels and chemicals by each unit, produced energy, operating hours of each units, amounts of total sulphur dioxided emissions (SO2), total nitrogen oxides (NO2), total dust emissions and total carbon dioxide emissions ( CO2foss and CO2bio), which are based on measurements or calculations by fuel amounts, amounts of ash and quality and delivery to recycling or material use (591/2006, MAF 24/11 & 11/12 ) or disposal (331/2013, amounts and quality of waste water, noise measurements and special occasions and measures to handle them, participation of common air quality and noise control and other emissions and their measurements if they have not be informed to authorities. Environmental permission or only registration is required according to Environmental Protection Act (86/2000).
Limit the emissions of industrial combustion installations.