Factsheet: Classification of wood waste

Classification of wood waste

Key Information
Guideline includes implementing international standards for solid biofuels (EN ISO 17225-1) for classification of wood waste, which are allowed to burn in biomass combustion plants. Guideline also include required measurement of properties e.g. As, Cr and Cu, nitrogen, sulphur and chlorine that values are not higher than virgin wood. Wood waste is classified A and B, which can be burned in biomass plants or C, which are under WID directive and will be incinerated in waste combustion plant. For class C wood waste EN 15359 standard is applied for fuel specification. Guideline also include examples of different kind of waste wood and their classification. Guideline also advice the legislation which should be followed. If wood waste include also fossil part (e.g. paint, glue, laquer) than also emission factor is stated.
Standards for wood waste for energy

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