Factsheet: Tax Code - Tax Credit

Tax Code - Tax Credit

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In 2001, the tax credit was extended to include renewable energy sources. Accordingly, natural persons may deduct from income tax a certain percentage of investments in renewable energy plants. Art. 18 bis of Annex IV of the Code Général des Impôts lists all eligible plants and specifies technical and performance requirements. Further provisions regarding the implementation of the tax credit are laid down in Instruction fiscale 5 B-26-05 N° 147, Instruction fiscale 5 B-17-07 N° 88, Instruction fiscale 5 B-10-09 N° 38, Instruction fiscale 5 B-20-10 N° 77 and Instruction fiscale 5 B-22-09 N° 65. The crédit d'impôt for renewable energy plants will apply until the end of 2012 (art. 200 quater, Code Général des Impôts, referred to and specified in Instruction fiscale 5 B-22-09 N° 65). However, it is extended until 2015 for installations carried out in buildings completed since more than two years (Art. 200 quater, Code Général des Impôts).
Stimulate investments in renewable energy.

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