Factsheet: Grenelle 1 - Heat fund

Grenelle 1 - Heat fund

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The French government introduced in 2008 a heat fund (Fonds Chaleur) in order to support the production of heat through renewable energy plants (Art. 19 §4, Loi n° 2009-967). The budget of the heat fund is divided into two subvention types: on the one hand, a national call for tenders, which is published yearly for large biomass plants, on the other hand the support of other renewable energy projects is administered on a regional level by the regional agencies of the ADEME. The call for tender 2014 will close on 30.01.2014. Only biomass plants with a heat production over 1,000 toe per year are eligible, provided they are submitted for the industrial, agricultural and service sectors. The payment to be awarded is calculated in accordance with the successful tenderer's finance plan and with consideration of the relation between the amount of support asked for and the amount of renewable heat produced.
Support heat from renewable sources.

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