Factsheet: Forest Subsidies

Forest Subsidies

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The provisions of this Decree state that the State may grant the general budget to enable the achievement of the following: 1) afforestation, reforestation, regeneration and stand; 2) Work forest improvement; 3) The work of forest service; 4) The work of forest protection including restoration of mountain land, investment in prevention and defense against forest fires and coastal dune fixation operations; 5) cleaning, restoration and pest control in forest stands affected by exceptional natural phenomena; 6) The work of protection and restoration of biodiversity. Grants are awarded on the basis of an estimate and description, in accordance with the general rules on state subsidies for investment projects. However, the subsidy amounts for the transactions referred to in item 5 may be established on the basis of regional scales adopted by regional prefects, under the conditions laid down in Annex 1 to this Order.
Support sustainable forest investments.

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