Factsheet: Operational programme environment and energy (KEOP)

Operational programme environment and energy (KEOP)

Key Information
The subsidy programme is part of the Operational Programme Environment and Energy financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The subsidy programme aims at promoting pilot projects in the use of renewable energy sources in order to increase the share and efficiency of renewable energies and in order to contribute to the regional development of the country (Chapter A1, Call for Proposals KEOP-2011-4.3.0). Biomass plants up to 20 MW are eligible. The total amount of the available subsidy comprises 6 billion HUF (app. € 20.2 million). There are two application rounds and for both the minimal amount of subsidy is 10% of the eligible costs. The maximum amount varies with regard to six different regions and six different groups of entitled parties. There is no technology-specific differentiation (Chapter A6, Call for Proposals KEOP-2011-4.3.0).
Support for investments in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.