Factsheet: Incentives for bio-methane

Incentives for bio-methane

Key Information


The measure provides: (i) a specific feed-in tariff for bio-methane fed into the gas network (roughly equal to the average price of natural gas); (ii) a premium tariff for electricity produced by CHP plants using bio-methane that is produced in a production facility decoupled to the CHP plants and uses gas network, according to IT-BID-2012; (iii) a biofuel certificate when the bio-methane is used in transport (in this case a double-counting is applied for agricultural by-products and bio-wastes on respect to energy crops, in agreement with the Biofuel Quota system)
- Support bio-methane injection (into the gas network). - Support electriciy from bio-methane. - Stimulate the use of bio-methane in the transport sector.