Factsheet: Law on Waste Management

Law on Waste Management

Key Information
This Law shall establish the basic requirements for the prevention, record keeping, collection, sorting, storage, transportation, utilization and disposal of waste with a view to prevent its negative effects on the environment and human health. The Law shall stipulate the functions of public authorities and other legal and natural persons in the sphere of waste management. Enterprises which during the discharge of their economic-commercial activities generate waste and which utilize, dispose or handle waste must take every appropriate and economically feasible measure to minimize its quantity and the harmful effect on human health and the environment (art. 3). There are provisions regarding the regulation of waste management by the Government involving regulation of the manufacturing, import, sale and utilization of substances and products, including containers and packaging (art. 7). Article 8 refers to the procedure of waste record keeping whereas article 14 regards technical regulations of a waste utilization or disposal facility. Facilities involved with hazardous waste must obtain a licence from the relevant authority (art. 16). There are extensive provisions regarding the administration of waste management and economic and financial measures for waste management.
Prevention and management of waste.

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