Factsheet: Aid for forestry work

Aid for forestry work

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This regulation provides the possibility of allocating grants for forestry owners, as well as public authorities other than the State, to fund agricultural and forestry. The regulation sets the amounts of subsidies for different types of work. The work may consist of planting hardwood or softwood, replacing aging coppice, the conversion of coppice with coppice standards or the maintaining of coppice with planting of noble or scattered trees, thinning stands, and fencing for preventing damage of road construction. In each case, certain conditions are required for the allocation of the grant. These can for example be minimum length and/or minimum number of plants. In addition, a general requirement is that the work is carried out according to ecological criteria and always with the safeguarding of the wooded area. Grants are awarded within the limits of available budgets.
Stimulate sustainable forest management.

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