Factsheet: Waste management law

Waste management law

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The law regulates the prevention and management of waste. Chapter 1 contains a) the waste types which undergo this legislation, b) waste definition, c) definition of by-product, and d) end of waste criteria; Chapter 2 establishes that waste mangement contributes, in order of priority, the following objectives: prevention of production and harmfulness of waste; reducing the production of toxicity of waste; recovery of waste by reuse, recycling or other environmentally suitable manners, ultimate disposal in an environmentally and economically appropriate way; Chapter 3 defines responsabilities: communities, state, producers, consumers. etc.; Chapter 4 deals with management of special waste e.g. oils, dangerous substaneces, etc.; Chpater 5: outlines the authorisation procedures; Chapter 6 is related to waste registers and raporting; Chapter 7 relates to national plans and programms, Chapter 8 restrictions, control & sanctions Chapter 9 Final dispositions
Regulate the prevention and management of waste.

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