Factsheet: Feed-in tariff

Feed-in tariff

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In Portugal, the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources is mainly promoted through a feed-in tariff. Decree-Law No. 189/88 regulates the generation of renewable electricity. DL 225/2007, DL 33A-2005 and DR 71/2007 amended the provisions on the feed-in tariff for electricity from renewable sources. The guaranteed feed-in tariff is the only promotion mechanism. The amount of incentive is dependent on the energy source. Using a coefficient Z (DL 339-C/2001) the FiT is varied according to the technology used. Currently the regime is being discussed by the government. For biogas (fermentation of municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, agricultural and food waste and landfill gas) the support in provided for 15 years, for biomass (forest and animal biomass) the support is provided for 25 years. In case of micro- or miniproduction a separate degree is in force, respectively 363/2007 and 34/2011.
Support electricity from renewable sources.

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