Factsheet: Act on Sustainable Biofuels

Act on Sustainable Biofuels

Key Information
The Decree obliges fuel distributors to offer to the users of their petrol stations: a low quantity (up to 5%) of biodiesel blended with mineral diesel, which must comply with standards BS EN 590 on the quality of fuels for motor vehicles and SIST EN 14214 on the quality of fatty acid methyl esters for diesel engines, and a low quantity (up to 5%) of bio-ethanol or other biofuels blended with petrol, which complies with the standards that are prescribed for the quality of liquid fuels (§ 6 par. 1 Act Decree No. 103/2007). The distributor may, if it is in his economic interest, offer additional forms of biofuel. In that case, he is obliged to tag the fuels accordingly when the percentage of biofuels in the fuel mix exceeds the 5% of bioethanol or methyl ester from fatty acids.
Setting out a minimum share of biofuels in the transport sector.

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