Factsheet: Federal Funding Programme Renewable Raw Materials

Federal Funding Programme Renewable Raw Materials

Key Information
The funding programme "Renewable raw materials" provides the framework for the promotion of research, development and demonstration projects for renewable raw materials by the Federal Ministry of food and Agriculture (BMEL). It is based on the objectives and guiding principles of the national sustainability strategy and the bio-economy policy, as well as other strategies and programs such as the program of energy research, the forest strategy 2020 and the German resource efficiency program of the research strategy bioeconomy 2030. The demand for sustainably produced biomass will grow further. The programme takes that into account and promotes research, development and demonstration projects primarily in the following areas: •Sustainable production and renewable resources •Raw materials and residual stock preparation and processing •Biobased products and bioenergy •Overarching topics •Social dialogue. The main instrument of promoting is program control over funding priorities, which are oriented to the content structure of the FPNR. To call the parent objectives formulated in the FPNR are here ensuring sustainability, backup and optimization of raw material supply, boost profitability and efficiency, taking into account conservation and environmental aspects and other social concerns, always be observed even within the respective specific funding priorities. These funding policies establish the eligibility of projects and are of the scale of assessment of substantial federal interest necessary for promoting.
The funding programme "Renewable raw materials" is to support the development of sustainable bio-economy and open up new opportunities and perspectives for the industrial location Germany and for the development of rural areas. It supports the development of innovative, internationally competitive bio-based products and processes on the one and technologies for their production and on the other hand, the development of concepts, which are focused on improving the sustainability of the bio-based economy, and social expectations into account.