Factsheet: Tariffs for RES and CHP electricity

Tariffs for RES and CHP electricity

Key Information
In Croatia, renewable energy is mainly supported through a feed-in tariff. Every producer, who holds the status of "qualified producer" and has signed a formal agreement with the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) has the right to receive an incentive depending on the type of RES technology and power output of his RES-E plant or PV installation, as is defined in the Tariff System. Feed-in tariff differentiated by size of the installation and efficiency (>2MW and <45% has lowest support). The new quotas for guaranteed purchase of electricity are: 35 MW for hydropower (installed capacity ≤ 10 MW), 30 MW for geothermal power, 744 MW for wind power; 120 MW for solid biomass (forestry, agriculture and waste biomass), and 70 MW for biogas (biogas from agriculture, landfill gas and biogas from wastewater treatment plants).
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