Factsheet: Act on biofuels for transport

Act on biofuels for transport

Key Information
The Act on Biofuels for Transport also sets the procedure of obtaining the subsidy as well as the minimum and maximum production that is promoted. The amount of the subsidy is set by the Government annually for the upcoming year by the end of November in the Compensation Fee Decision. Stimulation of biofuels in Croatia is regulated also by the Regulation on biofuels production stimulation (NN 1/14). Although the Act sets the frame for stimulation of production of various types of biofuels, the Regulation implements the incentivization scheme currently only for biodiesel produced from rape seed and bioethanol produced from maize. In order for eligible biofuel producers to receive the incentive, both the Regulation and the Ordinance on ways and conditions for implementation of sustainability requirements in biofuel production and usage (NN 83/13) define that the sustainability requirements are met. Croatian Energy Market Operator pays the incentives to the eligible producers per litre of biofuel produced and placed on the Croatian market.
stimulate production of biofuels regulate the production, trade and storage of biofuels Setting out a minimum share of biofuels in the transport sector

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