Factsheet: Agricultural soils - cultivation of fast growing trees

Agricultural soils - cultivation of fast growing trees

Key Information
This act was created for protection of properties and functions of agricultural land and providing the sustainable management and use of agricultural land. It provides a protection of environmental functions of agricultural land – production of biomass, filtration, neutralization and transformation of substances in nature, keeping ecological and genetic potential of living organisms in nature. It contains protection area of agricultural land against unauthorized footage for non-agricultural use. Set the processes by changing type of agricultural land and by withdrawal agricultural land for non-agricultural use. And of course set the sanction for breaking the act. About fast growing trees: In this act are specified the terms and conditions for production of woody biomass from fast growing trees. The fast growing trees need to be grown on an area larger than 1000m² and at maximum time of 20 years. For the agricultural land criteria are specified based on valuated soil ecological units, where you can grow the fast growing trees. The act specifies requirements for the application form (for example: the date of start and end of growing, etc.). The farmer must recultivate the land at least one year before the end of growing and is obliged to protect neighbouring parcels from self-seeding of the area of fast growing trees.
regulate sustainable management and protection of agricultural land

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