Factsheet: CONPET


Key Information
CONPET is a Federal Government programme, created in 1991 by presidential decree, to promote and ensure a better country for future generations. CONPET boosts efficiency in energy use in various industries, with emphasis on housing, and transportation industries, and develop environmental education. The program seeks to mobilize Brazilian society, contributing to economic development and social welfare. The main objectives of the Program are: rationalizing the consumption of petroleum and natural gas, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, promote research and technological development, and provide technical support to increase energy efficiency in end use energy. The CONPET is also attempting to educate consumers about the importance of rational use of energy for sustainable development and improved quality of life. With the efficient use of energy, Brazil saves foreign exchange, guarantees its self-sufficiency and reduces costs of products and services and to raise productivity and competitiveness in various economic sectors.
Support R&D and investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy