Factsheet: NF & L Forestry Act

NF & L Forestry Act

Key Information
This act revises the law respecting the management, harvesting and protection of the forests of the Province. The forest service supervises, controls and directs all matters relating to among others: carrying out programs of afforestation, reforestation, forest improvement and tree improvement; cutting, classifying, measuring, manufacturing, marking and inspection of trees and timber; preparing timber management plans for areas of productive forest land; and developing and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of the timber resources of the province. A provincial wood supply analysis is conducted every five years. This regulation concerns: timber resource analysis - annual allowable cut - exchange of cutting rights - rights to cut Crown timber - Crown timber licence - assignment of a Crown timber licence or a timber sale agreement - Cutting permit - royalties on all timber and classes of timber cut - a lien on all timber cut - seizure of timber - timber harvesting standards - export of timber - taxation - licensing of mills - measures to protect forest.
Regulate protection and management of forests ; regulate timber and timber products.

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