Factsheet: Afforestation and reforestation

Afforestation and reforestation

Key Information
The present Regulation deals with application of forestry and agro-technical arrangements in accordance with environmental protection arrangements for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of afforestation and reforestation activity. The Regulation is compulsory for all permanent forest users. Permanent forest users must carry out afforestation and reforestation. Land formerly covered by forest plantation shall be subject to reforestation while land not covered formerly by forest plantation, land unfit for agriculture, low productive land shall be subject to afforestation. Afforestation and reforestation shall ensure the following purposes: 1) rational use of forest stock; 2) improvement of qualitative composition of forests, rising up the productivity and biological resistance thereof; 3) increase of water protection, land protection, sanitary and hygienic and other useful qualities of forests and protective forest plantations; 4) achievement of the optimal forestation by means of afforestation in the briefest period of time with the use of more economic means and technologies.
Stimulate afforestation/reforestation

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