Factsheet: Additional activity for development of forestry

Additional activity for development of forestry

Key Information
According to the Decree of President of Ukraine from 7 February 2004 (No171/2004) - “About the additional activity for development of forestry” the next measures should be done in 2004: Development of the new Forest Code; Preparation of the regional programs for development of forestry; State Forest Inventory for all forests in Ukraine; Preparation of the state documents confirming the rights of forest enterprises to carry out activity in the territories fixed behind them; Creation of the territorial state forests management bodies in regions; Strengthening of possibilities of the state forestry enterprises for the profound timber processing ; Development of wood sales on stock exchanges and auction, introduction of restrictions and special regimes for timber export ; Harmonization of the State Forest Inventory and the Forest Cadastre with the requirements of the European Union; Amplification of the state control for the observance of the forest legislation ; Improvement of the duty and gathering system for timber logging and forests use ; Improvement of the financing mechanisms for forest management ; Transfers of the part of former collective-farm forests to the state forestry enterprises.
Regulate management of forests.

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