Factsheet: Forestry Act

Forestry Act

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This Act powers the Minister, on lands comprised in any Forest Experimental Area, do such acts and construct such works as the Minister considers necessary for forestry research and forest protection and management, including the disposal of timber and grass and the granting of rights to the natural produce of the forest. The Governor in Council may make regulations for the protection, care and management of lands comprised in Forest Experimental Areas and lands in respect of which the Minister has assumed responsibility, including regulations respecting among others: the cutting, removal and disposal of timber. In Canada forestry operations on federal and Aboriginal lands currently place relatively small volumes of timber into the supply chain. Federal departments are generally responsible for the management of lands under their administration and control. However, under the Forestry Act and accompanying Timber Regulations, departments may request that Natural Resources Canada assume responsibility for the protection and management of any forests on their lands.
Regulate protection and management of forests

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