Factsheet: Three Timber Regulations

Three Timber Regulations

Key Information
Timber Scaling Regulations under the Forestry Act (O.C. 96-452), Timber Royalty Regulations under the Forestry Act (O.C. 96-260) and the Mill Regulations under the Forestry Act (O.C. 96-936). Anyone planning to operate a mill to saw timber on public or private lands in Newfoundland and Labrador must first obtain a licence to operate the mill. The licence required will depend on the purpose and the amount of timber to be sawn. The Forestry Act requires all timber cut for commercial purposes, and all timber cut from Crown Lands with royalties owing, to be scaled (measured) by a licenced timber scaler. A Timber Scaling Licence issued under the Forestry Act gives a person the authority to measure timber.
Regulate timber and timber products.

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