Factsheet: Guidelines of Plantation Business Licensing

Guidelines of Plantation Business Licensing

Key Information
This Regulation provides for requirements and procedures for applying for plantation business licences. Plantation Business shall be any business engaged in the cultivation of certain plants in a suitable ecosystem, processing and marketing goods and services resulting from the plants with the support of science and technology, etc. The Regulation further provides for the following: different types of plantation business licences; types of plant and processing capacity as well as business diversification; fostering and supervision of plantation business; administrative sanctions; etc. Regulation 98 sets the maximum plantation area applicable for a plantation company or a Group of Plantation Companies. For example, for each plantation company or Group of Plantation Companies, the maximum plantation area for oil palm is 100,000 hectares; it is 150,000 hectares for sugar cane and 20,000 hectares for tea and rubber.
Stimulate sustainable management. Rules for agricultural practices.

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