Factsheet: BC Forest Act

BC Forest Act

Key Information
Under the Forest Act, the government can issue various forms of long and short term tenure agreements (licenses) for Crown timber. The agreement holders can be forest companies, communities, individuals or First Nations. Regulation concerning: Advertising, Deposits, Disposition And Extension - Allowable Annual Cut Administration - Annual Rent - BC Timber Sales - Community Tenures - Cut Control - First Nations Tenure - Forest Accounts Receivable Interest - Forest Licence - Forest Revenue Audit - Forestry Licence to Cut - Interest Rate under Various Statutes - Log Salvage Regulation for the Vancouver Log Salvage District - Manufactured Forest Products - Minimum Stumpage Rate - Scaling - Special Forest Products - Timber Definition - Timber Harvesting Contract and Subcontract - Timber Marking and Transportation - Tree Farm Licence Management Plan - Woodlot Licence. Forestry Revitalization Act or Subject to Waste Assessment
Regulate protection and management of forests ; regulate timber and timber products

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