Factsheet: corporate profit tax exemptions

corporate profit tax exemptions

Key Information
Corporate income tax exemptions in Ukraine for renewable energy sector. For the period until 1 January 2020 following corporate profit tax exemptions were available in Ukraine for the renewable energy sector: production of electricity and/or heat from biofuels; sale of electricity generated from renewable energy sources; sale of biofuels; production and reconstruction of power plants, vehicles and agricultural machinery that use biofuels. reduction of 80% in the corporate profit tax for five years for the sale of equipment that operates on renewable energy sources and/or that is used for producing alternative fuels. But effective January 1, 2015: Cancellation of tax incentives: the new laws cancel tax incentives for a.o. the following taxpayers: producers of gas (methane), bio-energy fuel, electric and heat energy generated from bio-energy fuel, and domestic equipment powered with bio-energy power.
Incentives for domestic use of biomass for energy

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