Factsheet: Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Key Information
Government Regulation No. 27/1999 on Environmental Impact Assessment determines the criteria for significant environmental impacts. Environmental issues to be assessed include physical aspects such as climate, air pollution, soil erosion and hydrological systems; biotic features such as flora and fauna, or biodiversity; social aspects such as labour, income, land tenure and control, and regional economy; and cultural impacts such as conflict, social cohesion, customary rights, and people’s perception of the proposed project. In addition, health aspects should also be assessed. The Regulation provides for the analysis of environmental impact (AMDAL), the institution of a Commission of Assessment of an AMDAL centrally and locally (Ministry, Governor) dealing also with planning for environmental management and monitoring and assisted by technical experts; furthermore it provides for the identification of all activities and business operations potentially impacting the environment by the pollution of natural resources.
Stimulate sustainable planning and pollution control