Factsheet: Special Financing Programs for Energy Efficiency Appliances (ao ONPEE)

Special Financing Programs for Energy Efficiency Appliances (ao ONPEE)

Key Information
Energy Efficiency and Unconventional Energy Sources (FNCE) programs have encountered difficulties in accessing to funding resources, as most resources come from the negotiation of Green Certificates, and this model has not been implemented in the country due to its complexity. Because of this, MADS, have presented the document "Proposes of financial schemes Applicable to Energy Efficiency and FNCE" that summarizes the most appropriate mechanisms for each technology, such as third-party financing, purchase with deferred payment, direct exploitation by thirds, and shared funding. It also presents the different international funds such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, GEF, GHG, etc., and some national funds previously described. Finally, the document presents the National Organization for the Promotion and Development of Energy Efficiency Programs (ONPEE), which provides technical and financial assistance for the proper execution of projects.
Increase the share of renewable energy in electricity production.

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