Factsheet: FSC® and Cerflor

FSC® and Cerflor

Key Information
The CERFLOR certificate is a Brazilian forest certification initiative, whose standards were prepared by ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association). The Sustainable Forest Stewardship Certificate is managed by INMETRO (Brazil’s National Metrology Institute), which is in charge of accrediting the certifying institutions as well. CERFLOR is internationally recognized by the PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).FSC®, for its turn, is an independent international organization whose members are representatives from social, economic and environmental sectors. It establishes sustainable forest stewardship principles and criteria.The Chain of Custody certification is deemed a plus in the market, as it attests to the consumer that a given forest-related product (wood, non-wood or pulp) uses raw materials from 100% Certified Forest (FSC® Pure) or Controlled Source and Certified Forest (mixed Source), in compliance with FSC®’s and CERFLOR’s principles and criteria.From the society’s standpoint, a Company that holds such certificates means that it is open to dialogue and adopts transparent practices.
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