Factsheet: Three Forest Manuals

Three Forest Manuals

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Forest Management Planning Manual (FMPM): manual that provides direction in all aspects of forest management planning. Applies to forest management plans that are scheduled for renewal after March 2012 , for management units designated under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. It also provides resources for Timber Management on Crown Lands in Ontario. For the forest management plan, the determination of sustainability will be a conclusion that the forest management plan provides for the long-term Crown forest health on the management unit, and has had regard for plant life, animal life, water, soil, air, and social and economic values, including recreational values and heritage values. Forest operations and silviculture manual (FOSM) Manual provides guidance and direction for operations authorized by approved forest management plans. The manual also outlines the qualifications of persons involved in forest operations as well as measures for assessing the performance of forest operations Scaling Manual: This Manual provides standard instructions for the authorized movement and determination of quantity and quality (measurement) for Crown forest resources harvested in Ontario. The Manual also defines standards for the training, licensing and approval of scalers and scaling auditors in Ontario. It sets out the obligations of persons holding forest resource licences or receiving Crown forest resources, for the keeping of records, the completion of returns to the Ministry and other matters concerned with the measurement of Crown forest resources.
Regulate protection and management of forests ; guidelines for forest management plans

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