Factsheet: Renewable energy directive (Dir. 2009/EC/28)

Renewable energy directive (Dir. 2009/EC/28)

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The Renewable Energy Directive of 2009 establishes a common framework for the use of energy from renewable sources. Each Member State has a binding target calculated for its share of energy from renewable sources in its gross final consumption for 2020. This target is in line with the overall '20-20-20' goal for the Community. Moreover, the share of energy from renewable sources in the transport sector must amount to at least 10 % of final energy consumption in the sector by 2020. Member States should establish national action plans to demonstrate how they plan to reach their 2020 targets. The Directive mentiones specific requirements (in terms of greenhouse gas savings and land use) for biofuels and bioliquids. To benefit from financial support, they must be qualified as “sustainable” in accordance with the criteria of this Directive.
Stimulate renewable energy projects.

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