Factsheet: Energy Regulation 2009 on Biodiesel Licensing

Energy Regulation 2009 on Biodiesel Licensing

Key Information
The Energy Regulation 2009 on Biodiesel Licensing regulates the production and commercialisation of bio-diesel. The regulation establishes mandatory pre-conditions for bio-diesel generation projects. As a result, any application must include an environmental impact assessment, health and safety standards compliance authorisations and a detailed document stating the source of bio-diesel generation, the expected production output and quantity sold. The 2009 regulation also relates to the 2008-2012 Kenyan Biodiesel Strategy in which priority is given to bio-diesel from Jatropha Curcas, more suitable to Kenyan dry lands and water shortage issues. The strategy targets a B5 blending rate by 2012 (5% biodiesel with gasoline) and a B10 blending rate (10% biodiesel with gasoline) by 2020.
Regulate biofuels, provide information on biofuels

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