Factsheet: Energy efficiency Act

Energy efficiency Act

Key Information
In new law large companies (staff >250, turnover >50 M€, balance 43 M€) has obligatory energy audit every 4th year. Industries, buildings, service and banks has to carry out first survey by 5 December 2015. Energy audit will include total energy consumption. Law is applied for all large companies, companies distributing DH or cool, or all kind fuels, and condensing plants and industrial plants producing surplus heat. Energy efficiency audit will include energy consumption, proposed energy saving measures and calculations. It is recommended to use LCA analysis taken into account long term savings.. In order to increase CHP new or existing plants more than 20 MW condensing or CHP plants in industry and energy utilities must carry out cost-benefit analysis. Finland´s target is for final energy consumption is 310 TWh (26.6 Mtoe, 1 116 PJ) in 2020.
Policies stimulating domestic use of biomass => availability for export

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