Factsheet: Guideline of energy wood measurement

Guideline of energy wood measurement

Key Information
Energy wood measurement is controlled according to the following legislation (414/2013), Decree by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (12/13) and conversion factors according the METLA´s orders (1/2013 and 2/2013). This guide includes the following measurements: weight measurement of energy wood and if needed also conversion to volume basis, measurement of forest chips and hog fuel and measurement of whole tree and small-sized stem wood piles. Energy content and net calorific value is not included, because VTT`s Wood fuel guidelines includes these (VTT-M-07608-13). Energy wood can be measured on roadside, in terminal, when cutting, forwarding, chipping or crushing, by on-road transportation or at end-user facilities.
Provide guidelines for people working in trading, harvesting, transportation of energy wood.

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