Factsheet: Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources

Key Information
The 2003 Law on Alternative Energy Sources defines the legislative, economic, ecological and organisational framework for the use of renewable and non-traditional energy. While the law does not provide for specific financial, economic and regulatory support, it provides official government support for renewable energy in Ukraine. In addition, a presidential decree of September 2003 announced measures to stimulate the production of fuel ethanol, biodiesel and biogas. Basic principles of state policy in the sphere of alternative sources of energy shall be as follows: (a) increase of the amount of generation and consumption of renewable energy; (b) maintenance of environmental security due to reduction negative environmental impact in the process of construction and operation of renewable energy sources; (c) protection of human health at the objects of renewable energy generation at all stages of energy generation, transportation and distribution; (d) scientific substantiation for the promotion of alternative energy sources; and (e) rational consumption of energy and energy saving.
Increase the share of renewable energy. Stimulate domestic use of biomass for energy or biofuels.