Factsheet: Energy Law

Energy Law

Key Information
Regulation of the energy industry. This law regulates energy as an economic sector, which covers the energy extraction and use of different types of energy production, energy conversion, acquisition, storage, transmission, distribution, sale and use.
The law aims to: 1) to provide power users an efficient, safe and high-quality supply of energy to the required quantities and at reasonable prices, diversifying the types of energy used for increasing the security of energy supply and protecting the environment; 2) to promote the efficient use of energy and balanced consumption; 3) to provide energy users to choose the right type of energy consumption and traders; 4) To promote economically justified competition; 5) determine the administrative procedures for energy supply merchants and activities of the organization and regulation principles; 6) the enhancement of local, renewable and secondary energy sources; 7) promoting friendly energy impact on the environment and environmentally friendly effective use of technology.

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