Factsheet: Water framework directive (Dir. 2000/60/EC)

Water framework directive (Dir. 2000/60/EC)

Key Information


The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is a framework for EU water policy. River basin management plans are the key tools for implementing the WFD. They are drawn up after extensive public consultation, and are valid for a six-year period. The WFD is complemented by other legislation regulating specific aspects of water use: The Groundwater Directive (2006), The Environmental Quality Standards Directive (2008), Two Commission Decisions (2005 and 2008), on ecological status. Previous and related legislation includes: The Urban Wastewater Directive (1991), The Nitrates Directive (1991), The new Bathing Water Directive (2006), The Drinking Water Directive (1998).
Ground and surface water protection.