Factsheet: More Take Home Pay Act of 2015

More Take Home Pay Act of 2015

Key Information
Regulation on tax concerning: sales of tangible personal property to, or used in or for the construction of, an alternative fuel facility primarily dedicated to the production and processing of ethanol, biodiesel, butanol, and their by-products, when such fuels are derived from biomass materials such as agricultural products, or from animal fats, or the wastes of such products or fats (sec 707-736) The sale or use of biomass material, including pellets or other fuels derived from compressed, chipped, or shredded biomass material, utilized in the production of energy, including without limitation the production of electricity, steam, or the production of electricity and steam, which is subsequently sold. (sec 1216-1240)
Support investments in alternative fuel facility. Stimulate advanced biofuels.

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