Factsheet: National Environmental Policy

National Environmental Policy

Key Information
The National Environmental Policy NEP (Act No. 10.165 2000 amending Environmental Policy Act No. 6.938 1981) concerns: Development of national research and technology Preservation and restoration of environmental resources with a view to its rational use and permanent availability Polluter Pays Principle Environmental licensing requirement for potentially polluting activities, such as forestry and industrial. This amendement Act establishes environmental fees to be paid for activities which may contaminate the environment (TCFA). It consists of amending articles and two Annexes specifying the requirements to be met by industrial installation in order to manage and control environmental pollution. The Brazialian Institution for Environment and Natural Renewable Resources - Ibama shall be the competent authority for control these potencially polluting activities. Sanctions and penalties for illegal activity are specified in the text.
Regulate protection and management of environment