Factsheet: Characterisation of sludges (CEN-TC308)

Characterisation of sludges (CEN-TC308)

Key Information


CEN/TC 308 Scope: Standardization of the methods for characterizing and classifying sludges and products from storm water handling, night soil, urban waste water collection systems, waste water treatment plants for urban and similar industrial waters (as defined in EC directive 91/271), water supply treatment plants, water distribution systems, but excluding hazardous sludges from industry. Included are the sampling methods, physical, chemical and biological analyses required for characterizing these sludges with a view to facilitating decisions on the choice of the treatment procedures and of the utilization and disposal. Included is the drafting of good practice documents in the production; utilization and disposal of sludges. The scope of the TC considers all sludges that may have similar environmental and/or health impact.
Standards for sludge characterization and handling.