Factsheet: Forest Code of Ukraine

Forest Code of Ukraine

Key Information
In 1994 the Ukrainian Parliament has adopted the Forest Code of Ukraine which regulates forestry management in modern socio-economic conditions and is aimed at conservation, improvement of wood quality and sustainable forest management. In 2002 the Parliament of Ukraine has adopted a new Land Code of Ukraine. Nowadays changes in land ownership cause the necessity for the State Forestry Committee of Ukraine to develop a new version of the Forest Code of Ukraine. In April 2002 the government of Ukraine has adopted the programme Forests of Ukraine for 2002-2015. Realization of this programme extends forest covered territories and other wooded lands to 11,3 mln. ha and percentage of forests cover will be increased from 15,6% to 16,1%. The major aims of the Ukrainian forestry management are: • extension of forests covered areas; • conservation of biological diversity in forest ecosystems; • increasing of the stability, resistance and adaptive capacity of forest ecosystems towards stresses; protection against fire, pests, diseases, climate changes and negative anthropogenic impacts; • sustainable forest management which satisfies social demands; • forest agromelioration and steppe forests cultivation. The largest part of forests (99%) is state owned. Around 50 ministries and departments permanently exploit the state forests. The major forest user is the State Committee of Forestry (SFC) (68.3% of all forests), Ministry of Agricultural Policy (24,0%) and Ministry of Defence (2,2%). The largest part of wood products (90%) is produced by state owned enterprises. Private forests amount less then 1 per cent of forest fund.
Regulate protection and management of forests. Stimulate reforestation or afforestation.

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