Factsheet: Industrial Tree Estate (HTI) program

Industrial Tree Estate (HTI) program

Key Information
In order to decrease the rate of deforestation, the government is developing fast growing plantations under the HTI (Industrial Tree Estate) program. By 1994 these plantations covered about 1.34 million hectares with the majority being Teak (67%); Pine (23%); Mahogany (8%); and Agathis. These plantations provided the necessary wood and associated forest products, without having to log and harvest the country’s natural forests. The plantation program envisaged to convert 6.2 million hectares of unproductive forest land into industrial plantations by 2000. About 1.8 million hectares is Teak. By 2020, the government hopes to have half the country’s wood production sourced from these plantations
Stimulate sustainable forest management.

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